Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: What’s your advice to media professionals turning entrepreneurs?

18 Oct,2019

On the last day of the week, we ask Dr Bhaskar Das for advice that many professionals must be seeking as they turn professionals. Read on…


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Q. Am sure there are several people who come to you saying they want to turn entrepreneurs. What’s your advice to media professionals turning entrepreneurs?


A. In today’s context, it’s a very logical question where individuals want to make a difference and express their freedom outside the boundary of a monolithic structure and protocol. I usually don’t believe in giving advice as I might be needing it more.

But I can share what would I have told to myself if the entrepreneurial urge came to me. Here it is: be conscious of the fact that three things viz consumer value, Business model and Ecosystem would keep you on your toes and they have to be based on robust data platform. A collaborative mindset and navigating a platform-based approach for business will be critical. Finally, it’s always good to start early (not necessarily true of course) and don’t forget to inculcate the agility to pivot in case there are signs of too much headwind for the relevant business.  And it’s not a bad idea if emotion and ego are left behind at home before doing business.


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