Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Did being a Bengali help you in your career given the number of Bongs in advertising, media and marketing?

22 Oct,2019

Decidedly the most provocative (and some may say unfair) question we have asked Dr Bhaskar Das in the Das ka Dum series.

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Q. Did being a Bengali help you (in your career) given the number of Bongs across levels in the advertising, media and marketing fields?


A. All generalisations are wrong, including this one. Ethnic classification as a contributing factor for success can at best be a symptom of intellectual impoverishment. Coincidences can’t be a base for a statistically significant conclusion. They can at best be treated as apriori. It’s ultimately an individual’s commitment and smart work that paves the way to success, material or otherwise. If accepted, it tantamounts to trivialising commitment to work.

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