Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Are Indian newspapers not run professionally?

16 Oct,2019

The Q&A today is treading on delicate matters. But questions like these must be asked, and hence ought to be answered. Which we’ve done. Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das is as no-holds-barred as it can get. There are no holy cows, whatsoever. Read on…

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Q. There is a sentiment that many Indian newspapers are very unprofessionally run or rather not very professionally run. You’ve spent a lifetime in the business. What’s your view??


A. You want me to be objective is a subjective matter. The moot point is what is a professional approach or unprofessional approach. HBS or all business schools can write tomes on the subject. Besides, what is professional to one person need not be professional to another person. Do you dump unorthodox players in cricket because they are grammatically not impeccable?


In the ultimate analysis, what works, what delivers. Market is the best arbiter and not text books. Even in the most sanitised professional environment, some whistleblower can crop up. Corporate world are replete with examples of so-called unprofessionalism. Leading  newspaper organisations have been surviving for years not just by happenstance. So far as my personal experience is concerned, I have always worked in a professional environment. I also believe that “I am the cause of everything i experience”. Consequently, when I remain professional, the world resembles the same.

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