ScoopWhoop collaborates with Posterscope to celebrate Hindi Diwas

17 Sep,2019

By A Campaign


To celebrate Hindi Diwas, ScoopWhoop Hindi decided to tackle a common problem faced by India’s millennial crowd – despite being a widely spoken language, there’s a large audience that have a hard time reciting the entire Hindi alphabet or varnmala.


Inspired by conventional alphabet charts, ScoopWhoop Hindi has launched the Millennial Varnmala – a new alphabet chart that connects each Hindi letter with objects and experiences that resonate with the younger audience. Launched on ScoopWhoop Hindi’s Instagram, the chart was integrated into the platform’s 3×3 grid format.


Sattvik Mishra

Said Sattvik Mishra, CEO, ScoopWhoop:”Corporate etiquette and the pressure to be “cool” have turned many youngsters away from one of the world’s most fascinating languages. Everyone can recite A-Z in one breath but not many can do the same with Hindi. There couldn’t have been a better time to launch the Millennial Varnmala than on Hindi Diwas and we hope to see a shift in the tide very soon.”


Haresh Nayak

Added Haresh Nayak, Group Managing Director, Posterscope: “The overwhelming exposure to western pop culture makes a lot of youngsters consider Hindi to be a less fashionable language than English. A lot of people lose touch with the alphabet once they pass out of school. We wanted to make it easy for people to remember so we looked into their day-to-day communication and interest points.”


Gurbaksh Singh

Said Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, Dentsu Webchutney: “Hindi is one of India’s oldest languages. Its popularity is immense but reciting the entire alphabet is a challenge for many. We decided to tap into what youngsters are comfortable with – their favourite colloquial terms on new age platforms like Instagram to refresh their memories with a fun and relatable method that will increase their affinity towards this beautiful language.”



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