Patrika refreshes brand identity

17 Sep,2019

By A Correspondent


The Rajasthan Patrika group has gone in for a brand refresh, and along with a logo that is sync with its values. Said Siddhartha Kothari, Additional Managing Director, Rajasthan Patrika: “We were looking for a new image and identity which would be more reflective of the new energies and new mindset with which we run Patrika. We strongly feel that brand is about good practices and the conviction with which the team carries the values in their day to day life, because ultimately it is the application of a value system and delivery of the promise that create a brand. Patrika brand is built on journalistic value system and the imagery is only to reflect the same.


Notes a communique: “The design of the logo is built to reflect the core values and the essence of Patrika. Shri Karpur Chand Kulish the founder of Patrika found himself best expressed in his acquired title “Kulish” and adopted it for life. The word ‘Kulish” having a very powerful and deep significance. Kulish means a vajra the most powerful of all weapons ordained and blessed to restore dharma and rightful life. Kulish finds its refrences in Puranas, Geeta, Ramayan and most other scriptures and represents the very function that Patrika as newspaper has been playing in society as a revolutionary change maker. It looks absolutely the right choice of expression of intent and soul of the brand. Kulish is engrained in Indian ethos, as the first ever flag of freedom suggested by Sister Nivedita disciple of Swami Vivekananda also displayed a picture of Kulish.”


The response to the new identity has elicited a positive response, we are told. Said Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director (Marketing & Sales), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd: “I believe that Kulish is an ideal choice to reflect the ethos of Rajasthan Patrika . It symbolises the power and purity of intent and has a deep meaning even in contemporary India. It is a perfect connect from our rich past and heritage to the present. Patrika has been playing a very constructive and powerful role in the media and the society at large. The Kulish is a very good symbol of that aspect as well. I wish the Patrika group all the best for the future.”


Added Pallavi Singh, Marketing Head, BMW: “It’s great to see the new narrative with new energy” Said Sandip Ghose, Chief Operating Officer, MP Birla Cements: “In today’s fast-changing world the mantra is Reinvent, Re-engineer and Rediscover to stay relevant and ahead of the times. Even the most popular brands need to refresh its identity and reaffirm its purpose and character. A Lion too needs to roar occasionally to remind the world of its nature and stature. Glad that Rajasthan Patrika despite being the market leader by far-has undertaken this re-branding exercise.”


Said Puneet Anand, Group Head Marketing, Hyundai: I congratulate Patrika Group on adorning a new Bold and Dynamic vision which is very amalgamated in the new brand identity. With the changing World, it will herald a new Era of Leadership for Patrika Group. Wishing All the Best”


Said Amit Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, Girnar Software Pvt. Ltd.(Car Dekho): “A brand that is always refreshing with time… As news takes up a new form for its audience through the internet and the digital era, Kulish will help the masses identify with Patrika as a household name. I am confident that this new identity will resend the message of trust, purity and positivity all the way. The Lion symbolises strength and power and of what I have known of Patrika group, personally, this reflects very well with its values and ethos of the management and team, equally. Wishing the Patrika Group all the success as they carve the path to empowering change! ”


Said Hanish Batra, GM Marketing TPG Wholesale : “A very powerful transformation, Groups commitment in empowering change in this phase of our country is very crucial.”



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