Partho & Partha to helm Ad Club in 2019-20 (+Jaldi 5 with the new Prez)

12 Sep,2019


Jaldi 5 with Partho Dasgupta, the all-new President of The Advertising Club: We are positive that good things will happen with the Abby at Goafest


Partho Dasgupta

He may be occupying perhaps the most thankless jobs in the media fraternity – that of the CEO of the Broadcast Audience Research Council, the joint industry body that is mandated with television measurement in the country. But that hasn’t really prevented him from being superactive with trade associations over the years. An engineer and MBA from IIM Calcutta, Partho, as he’s known in the fraternity, has been with BARC for nearly six-and-a-half years, had a looong stint with the Times of India group including being Business Head of Times Now in its early years and a few interesting entrepreneurial stints. Read on for what is possibly his first interview after taking charge of the top job of the top ad club in the country.



ManCom 2019


The Advertising Club elected its Managing Committee for the current fiscal – that’s FY 2019-20 — at the 65th Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday (Sep 11).  The new committee will be helmed by senior media professional Partho Das Gupta who has been elected as President– The Advertising Club.

Commenting on his appointment, Dasgupta said: “It is an honour to be elected as the President of one of the most prestigious advertising clubs in the country, and I am truly humbled by the faith and trust that my Industry peers and  seniors have bestowed upon me. I look forward to continuing the legacy of the Ad Club and the great done work by Vikram over the last two years”

The following members were elected unopposed.

The Office Bearers of the Advertising Club for 2019-2020 are

:: President : Partho Dasgupta

:: Vice President : Partha Sinha

:: Secretary : Dr Bhaskar Das

:: Secretary : Aditya Swamy

:: Treasurer : Shashi Sinha

Other Managing Committee Members:

:: Debabrata Mukherjee

:: Laxmiraj Seetharam ‘Raj’ Nayak

:: Mitrajit Bhattacharya

:: Siddharth Banerjee

:: Sidharth Rao

:: Sonia Huria

:: Virat Tandon

And here a list of industry professional who’ve been co-opted on the ManCom:

:: Abhishek Desai

:: Nandan Srinath

:: Punitha Arumugam

Also on the ManCom are the following industry leaders:

:: Ahteram Uddin

:: Ajay Chandwani

:: Ajay Kakar

:: Ashit Kukian

:: Kartik Sharma

:: Pradeep Dwivedi

:: Ramesh Narayan

:: Sapangeet Rajwant


1. So we thought that being the BARC Boss required a 100,000 per cent of your time. And now you’ve taken charge as President of The Advertising Club. How are you getting to manage the time?

One can do 120% too isn’t it?? 🙂 Yes the BARC job is immensely engaging, but we all want to give back some things to the industry – isn’t it? The Advertising Club is also blessed with a secretariat that is extremely experienced and competent. A strong team of committee members and the secretariat should make things easier for me


2. Vikram Sakhuja brought in D-Code, Raj Nayak started Marquees, Shashi Sinha dropped the Mumbai from the name and make the Club all-India… so what can we expect from your two-year run as President?

I am just getting started. Do you want me to start making promises now itself?

We are talking to the ManCom members – some have brilliant ideas – exploring and evaluating them before we come to conclusions.


02a. But, save the judging in Delhi and Bengaluru, and one or two events in other cities, it’s still a Mumbai-centric Club?

Efforts on this have been on since many years. We have friends from these cities who are coming  forward to  help us get  things there. We are in active conversations – let’s see how it goes


3 .Any thoughts on the Abby at Goafest. Attempts have been made to reinvent and revitalise them… but in vain. Do you think there is time to take some tough decisions, scrap the current format and bring in some fresh energy?

​This is brainstormed and discussed at length at various Ad Club’s Managing Committee meetings and we are positive that good things will happen


4. There are a large number of non-advertising professionals now in the managing committee of the Ad Club as well as with the membership of the club. Any thoughts on making it more relevant for advertising professionals across the spectrum of the media?

Non-advertising is a wrong word. They are all part of the advertising and marketing eco system. We are trying to be more inclusive and aligned to new realities


04a. Also, the industry comprises a lot of of young talent, especially with digital gaining ground. The managing committee of the Ad Club and most M&E industry associations though is constituted by what one can call ‘’oldies’’. Any thoughts on how this can be changed, and how do you think this can happen?

​One look at the names featuring on the Ad Club’s Managing Committee will answer your question. We are inclusive – irrespective of age. Relevance is more important


5. Perhaps an unfair question: Could there be some ‘dharma sankats’ that may crop up? For instance, if I am a new broadcaster, I may want to sponsor one of your big events just to influence you as BARC CEO?

Do you think people have not tried other means of influence till now??



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