Music Rules, and How!

25 Sep,2019


By A Correspondent


IMI, the organisation that represents the recorded music industry in India, has released the Digital Music Study 2019, which examines the ways in which music consumers aged 16 – 64 engage with recorded music in India.

Some highlights from the report include:

– Music listening is up: respondents typically spend 19.1 hours per week listening to music – higher than the global average of 18 hours. This equates to about 2.7 hours – or the equivalent of listening to 54 three-minute songs – daily.


– Most people (80 per cent) identify as loving or being fanatical about music, much higher than the global average of 54 per cent.


– Older age groups increasingly embrace audio streaming services: engagement with audio streaming in India is strong, with 90 per cent of all respondents accessing a music streaming service in the past month. The highest rate of growth for engagement is in the 16 – 24-year-old age group, with 97 per cent of that group accessing a music streaming service in the past month.



Said Blaise Fernandes, President and CEO, IMI: “The Digital Music Study 2019 has revealed some illuminating trends in India: the 80 per cent music fandom base, the highest in the world, is the main reason for the 21.3 per cent growth rate India achieved over the past years. The top two favourite genres are Bollywood new and old. The fastest growing segments are of consumers in the age groups 25-34 and 35-44, which is the perfect launch pad for a premium subscription-based model in India. 67 per cent piracy rates remain a matter of grave concern.”



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