Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Would you recommend embracing Tik Tok to Arnab Goswami to reach out to the millions who watch it daily?

25 Sep,2019

His words can make you laugh and almost always set you thinking. So at MxMIndia we decided to do the next best thing: do a Q&A with him every single day we publish.

Presenting Day 3 of Week 3 of Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. Dr Das, as we know, is currently a big boss at Republic TV, so we wondered how spiritual he could get with a question on the Republic TV bossman Arnab Goswami.


 Q. Would you recommend doing Tik Tok videos to Arnab Goswami so as to reach out to the millions who are hooked on to the platform?


A. As a marketing professional, one has to find the synchronicity of a medium to a brand. Ultimately one aims at maximising stickiness to the delivered content, without vampiring the brand objective. For any UGC medium, gravitas isn’t a dominant logic of content creation. What is important is spontaneous and creative participation of users. To that extent it’s a democratisation of content creation. It has its sunny side advantage. News is a serious business and contextual credibility is generally non-negotiable. The current brand initiatives of the Republic Media Network are impactful enough in  making it  a leading news network in the country in the shortest possible time.  If MBO is a metric for measuring the efficacy of a  communication strategy, I think R. is on its prioritised path. And an Industry currency corroborates that impact.


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