Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Why is it that none of the big Indian news media conglomerates have produced a product like InShorts or Dailyhunt?

19 Sep,2019

Bhaskar Das

It’s going viral. Each Q&A we hear is firing up the Whatsapp and Gmail circuits. People have been laughing, screaming out incorrigible as they read a response… hut there’s no denying that each question-and-answer is profound and funny. Please go to the Das Ka Dum tab on the website’s top navigation bar, to visit the archives of Q&As.

To those who don’t know who Dr Bhaskar Das is: well, he’s the former big boss of the Times of India group and Zee Media and Dainik Bhaskar and now Republic TV. For those who’ve known him or have heard him, Dr Das belongs to the rare species of advertising sales professionals who has this unique combination of being a deeply spiritual being and also a very persuasive salesperson. His unique turn of phrase can make you chuckle, but almost always sets you pondering. Read on and see how every googly bowled at him is hit back in style. And often far out of the park.

Das ka Dum features on MxM – Monday through Friday, except on our ‘no edition days’. Presenting Week Two, Day 4:


Q. Why is it that none of the big Indian news media conglomerates have been able to produce a product like InShorts or Dailyhunt?


A. Going by the behavioural trend of India Inc, with the onset of VUCA as the new normal, a meta-realisation has dawned on me viz non-attachment to a successful business model and inability to inculcate a class of losers within a successful business… these are not easy traits to practise live. This axiom is industry- and organisation-neutral. I am sure there are exceptions but they are few and far between. That’s why disruptors are born and even when disruptors mature in their business, they get disrupted. In business and life there are very few holy cows.

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