Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: Which is a tougher question to answer – in any context: Why or How? And why?

18 Sep,2019

Bhaskar Das

Bhaskar Das

We hope you are enjoying the Q&As in Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das… just. The response to this new series of Q&As has been amazing. It of course all boils down to BD’s immense wisdom and popularity. Presenting Day 5 of of Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das. And do come back tomorrow for another question, and another answer

The link to yesterday’s column is: https://www.mxmindia.com/2019/09/das-ka-dum-with-dr-bhaskar-das-if-you-could-relive-your-career-is-there-anything-that-you-would-like-to-redo-now-please-dont-give-a-politically-correct-answer/ And the links to the ones before that are in the last Q&A.

To those who don’t know who Dr Bhaskar Das is: well, he’s the former big boss of the Times of India group and Zee Media and Dainik Bhaskar and now Republic TV. For those who’ve known him or have heard him, Dr Das belongs to the rare species of advertising sales professionals who has this unique combination of being a deeply spiritual being and also a very persuasive salesperson. His unique turn of phrase can make you chuckle, but almost always sets you pondering. At MxMIndia, we enjoy our conversations with him. And for every googly we bowl at him, he hits back like no one has ever before.

Das ka Dum features on MxM – Monday through Friday, except on our ‘no edition days’. Presenting Day 5:


Q. Which is a tougher question to answer – in any context: Why or How? And why?


A. The quest for categorisation for a deterministic answer is quintessential. The world can’t anymore be ‘either-or’. We have to move from orness to andness. So sequentiality of why, how, what can be done depending on the context but they are fundamentally inter-connected queries for exploring answers to all unexplored areas.

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