Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: In the service of which boss did your soul feel the bestest – the Jains, Subhash Chandra/ Punit Goenka, Girish Agarwal & now Arnab Goswami?

26 Sep,2019

Bhaskar Das

We’ve got Dr Bhaskar Das to do what he’s super at: share his gyaan in his inimitable manner. Presenting The Wizard of Words with Das ka Dum. Week 3, Day 4.

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Q. You have worked with various media mavens in the last decade. Samir and Vineet Jain, Subhash Chandra and Punit Goenka, Girish Agarwal and now Arnab Goswami. Since you are a spiritual person, please tell us: In the service of which boss did your soul feel the bestest?


A. Any soul is impervious to external triggers. Besides, there is no duality between two interacting souls. I saw them in me and I was in them. At a cognitive level, all the referred names in your question have enriched me and whatever I am today is due to the cumulative enlightenment they have ushered on me.

I can imagine the answer won’t satiate your vibrant mind. I can assure you that real correctness is apolitical. My answers come from the core of my heart. They are socio-politico agnostic.

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