Das ka Dum with Dr Bhaskar Das: If you could relive your career, is there anything that you would like to redo? ? Now please don’t give a politically correct answer

17 Sep,2019

Bhaskar Das

We hope you are enjoying the Q&As in Das ka Dum by Dr Bhaskar Das… just. There are of course many who say that the column was a no-brainer. Those who’ve had a chat with BD are familiar with his repartees and spiritual responses to down-to-earth issues and problems.


To those who’ve come in late, the link to yesterday’s column is: https://www.mxmindia.com/2019/09/das-ka-dum-with-dr-bhaskar-das-with-so-many-people-losing-jobs-in-the-media-would-you-say-its-a-safe-place-for-people-to-take-up-as-a-career/

And the link to the ones before that are in the last column.


The questions will be answered by Dr Bhaskar Das, the former big boss of the Times of India group and Zee Media and Dainik Bhaskar and now Republic TV. For those who’ve known him or have heard him, Dr Das belongs to the rare species of advertising sales professionals who has this unique combination of being a deeply spiritual being and a very persuasive salesperson. His unique turn of phrase can make you chuckle, but almost always sets you pondering. At MxMIndia, we enjoy our conversations with him. And for every googly we bowl at him, he hits back like no one has ever before.


Das ka Dum will feature Monday through Friday, except on our ‘no edition days’. Enjoy Day 4.


Q. If you had the opportunity to relive your professional career, is there one thing – or may be two or three – that you would like to redo? Now please don’t give a politically correct answer


A. Why should I relive my professional career when I am so grateful that I could do my best what I was assigned to by God through earthly intermediaries. It may not be the best by material standards or by the expectations of a role model. But I didn’t aspire for them either. When one is in a trance of equanimity,  there is neither anything to seek, nor anything to achieve.


This is not a politically correct answer. I don’t want to indulge in any etymological dissection of the word political but I feel it’s an oxymoron as when one is political , one can’t be correct.



Editor: As we mentioned before, some of the words and phrases our dear BD uses could go over your head. So, purely in reader interest, we will link such words to the dictionary meaning. Now we don’t think etymological is a tough word, but perhaps equanimity might well be for some.

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