Das ka Dum… today’s question to Dr Bhaskar Das: Are you really spiritual or is it a façade?

13 Sep,2019

We launched this feature yesterday, and judging by the number of views it  generated, we can say it’s a super-duper hit.

For those who’ve come in late: here’s a link to yesterday’s Das Ka Dum: https://www.mxmindia.com/2019/09/introducing-das-ka-dum-where-dr-bhaskar-das-responds-to-our-questions-like-only-he-can/


The questions will be answered by Dr Bhaskar Das, the former big boss of the Times of India group and Zee Media and Dainik Bhaskar and now Republic TV. For those who’ve known him or have heard him, Dr Das belongs to the rare species of advertising sales professionals who is a true gyaani… and may we add, likes to share his gyaan. His unique turn of phrase can make you chuckle, but is sure to set you pondering. At MxMIndia, we enjoy our conversations with him. And for every googly we bowl at him, he hits back like no one has ever before.

Das ka Dum will feature Monday through Friday, except on our ‘no edition days’. Enjoy Day 2.


 Sir, are you really spiritual or is it a façade? After all, a hard-core ‘sale-oo’ like you can’t always be so philosophical in outlook… right?


It’s a very legit query in a world where facade can be attributed to anything. That we are all all spiritual beings is a default reality. In our perception of duality, spiritualism is perceived as a facade. It has no connection with marketing/sales. Absence of customary evidence of one’s spiritualism is no evidence of its absence. But I empathise with the mendacity of such doubts.


Editor: we appreciate that some of the words and phrases our dear and delightful BD uses can go over your head. So, purely in reader interest, we will link such words to the dictionary meaning. Like we’ve done in the case of ‘mendacity’ today. If you still can’t figure what he really means, sorry, we can’t help you. Curse yourself for not having had the opportunity of interacting with him (BD, who else?!)

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