Aditya Birla Capital launches interactive ad campaign

30 Sep,2019

By A Correspondent


In its latest interactive social media campaign, Aditya Birla Capital allows viewers to interact with two different futures simultaneously, enabling them to choose for themselves the future they most relate to, and plan it accordingly.


Speaking on the campaign, Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer – Aditya Birla Capital said: “Storytelling is the oldest and arguably the most popular way for brands to engage with their consumers by weaving a product proposition into the story. However, a story told through a 60-sec commercial is always one-sided, and can get extremely prescriptive, leaving no room in the narration for an alternate view. Therefore, advertising commercials often feel unauthentic. As a brand we do not want to ever push a product or a point of view to our customers. We want to share all perspectives on life and money with our customers so that they can make an informed decision for what’s right for them and their family. Therefore, this interactive video is not just innovation for the sake of innovation; it is an innovative opportunity for us to be able to walk the talk.”


The Interactive film has been conceptualised and implemented by Social Media agency Foxy Moron. The three storylines have been directed by Achyutanand and Sudhanshu of Four Line Films. The social media roll-out is being handled by Mindshare.


Said Achyutanand Dwivedi, Director, Four Line Films: “Cinematically, this was a really interesting challenge. Usually we work with scripts which have a single linear story. In this case, we had to work on three parallel stories which the viewer finds captivating and intriguing to interact with, while conveying the message across. It’s the first interactive brand film project we have worked on, and it is really exciting to see brands push the envelope. This kind of work is the ask of the hour.”


Added Pratik Gupta, Co-Founder – FoxyMoron: “Everybody stresses about retirement, but not many address retirement as a problem they must address ‘now’. Our intent with this campaign was to ensure that all the people who engage with it are able to visually switch between realities and see the possibilities that may ensue. The use of interactive video experience, married with creative tech allowed us to play up this experience on users’ timelines seamlessly. Phosphene, our creative technology wing, created an experience (good or bad) by simply holding or releasing a button on the screen. Having built this creative tech from the ground up, we are now confident of the message and its delivery having the right impact on the audience that interacts with it! We’re looking forward to the results that the campaign will throw up and taking this first-time-ever tech to multiple other clients.”


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