Ad execs, third least trusted professionals, notes Ipsos survey. Journalists & TV News Readers 8th & 9th from the bottom

19 Sep,2019

By A Correspondent


According to a new global survey by Ipsos, Armed Forces have been adjudged the most trustworthy profession by majority (71 per cent) of urban Indians. Second and third places of trustworthiness in professions have been bagged by scientists and teachers. The survey christened Global Trust in Professions asked global citizens to rank professions by trustworthiness and untrustworthiness.


At least 59 per cent urban Indians rate politicians as the most untrustworthy profession, followed by government ministers (52 per cent) and advertising executives (41 per cent).


Parijat Chakraborty, Country Service Line Group Leader, Public Affairs & Corporate Reputation,  Ipsos India feels, it boils down to transparency and nobility, adding:  “Armed Forces are perceived to be a dedicated force, who are defined by values of sacrifice, commitment, discipline etc. – they serve, like their motto of service before self; likewise scientists and teachers are seen as persevering professions, contributing to nation building. Politicians, despite their efforts to clean up the system, have not yet won the trust of most. Also, the advertising professional, writing interesting copies and creatives, highlighting merits of brands, is viewed with scepticism,” says Chakraborty.



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