SRL Diagnostics launches digital video campaign #DoctorKnowsBest

26 Aug,2019

By A Correspondent


SRL Diagnostics launched a digital video campaign titled #DoctorKnowsBest. The campaign features fitness icon Shilpa Shetty Kundra. In the series of videos, protagonists are seen discussing about how to choose a diagnostic lab.


Said Vikram Ahluwalia, Director – Marketing, SRL Diagnostics: “We, at SRL Diagnostics, have always been the forerunners in educating customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. We have always believed that Doctor knows best. Research supports our point of view that a diagnostics lab should be chosen based on doctor’s recommendation. However, many a times, a consumer decides to visit a diagnostics lab based on the proximity, ambience and discounts offered. We want to emphasize that when it comes to choosing a lab, Doctor knows best.”



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