MRUC releases IRS 2019Q2 data

16 Aug,2019


By A Correspondent


For many this week given the number of public holidays meant an opportunity to take a few extra leaves and go for a quick holiday. Yes, there are some part of the country which have been impacted badly by rains – especially for Mumbaikars wanting a quick getaway around Maharashtra, Gujarat or Goa or even coastal Karnataka.


For a weeks now, the industry is buzzing with rumours that the release of Quarter 2 of the Indian Readership Survey will be released in the second week of August. The MRUC Board and management would’ve reviewed the broad direction and identified the booboos, if any, if given the go-ahead.


Now the decision to release it: by doing so on August 14, a day before the national holiday of Independence Day, ensures that the backrooms in newspaper offices and their consultants can work unhindered by the daily grind. But, also, if there’s some angst about the survey results, time works as the best healer.


What reached our inboxes on August 14 afternoon was news of the release of IRS 2019Q2 data. The 2019Q2 data is a rolling average of the last two quarters of IRS 2017 (Q3+Q4) and the first two quarters of IRS 2019 (Q1+Q2). IRS 2019Q2 fieldwork covers April 2019 through July 2019. The reporting sample size for this data is 3.36 Lakh households.


Here’s the bottomline, in the words used by the MRUC communique, not by us: The reach of print, television, radio and cinema vis-à-vis the previous IRS quarter, largely remains unchanged. Internet as a notable exception continues to grow. Consumption of news on digital platforms is on the rise. And whilst Total Readership (TR) of publication remains steady, Average Issue Readership (AIR) has seen a marginal decline.


Commenting on the release of IRS 2019Q2 data, Ashish Bhasin, CEO – Greater South and Chairman & CEO – India, Dentsu Aegis Network and Chairman, MRUC, said: “Firstly I must thank the MRUC Board and the IRS TechCom for their steadfast dedication in providing the industry with a timely and robust study. The findings of IRS 2019Q2 gives us a clear picture of the reality we all know – that digital is on a roll and continues to grow at a faster pace. Print readership remains healthy and I firmly believe the future lies in the power of two and not just one. I am very pleased to see IRS release every quarter. Not only is the IRS back on track, but has emerged much stronger and is being universally accepted as the currency for readership in India.”


Added Vikram Sakhuja, Group CEO Madison Media & OOH, Madison World and IRS Technical Committee Chairman: “We are very pleased with the quality of data that is being released this quarter. India is consuming more media than ever before. Internet is now fast catching up with Print and these two along with TV are the dominant mediums that can be used to reach consumers.”


The numbers you see here are just the toplines – these are the ones shared by MRUC. For the real thing, one needs to subscribe to the data. Valid point.


So there’s no real point in us analysing anything. Even the marginal decrease in AIR is an overall number… one needs to look at how the AIR number of a particular genre or publication is to make an informed decision.




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