Lodestar UM concludes another chapter of Impact Day

23 Aug,2019

By A Correspondent


Every year, Lodestar UM shuts its offices on a work day and each employee engages in philanthropic work across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.


This year from educating destitute women on menstrual hygiene to helping children in government-aided schools to make the right career choices, the Lodestar UM teams came together to make a difference in their own small way to the theme of Better World.


Said Nandini Dias, CEO, Lodestar UM: “For us, this single day marks the beginning of a whole new year of commitment. Being conscious of what’s happening around us and finding solutions to create a better world is at the heart of our philosophy as an agency. I want to thank each one of my colleagues for the collective passion and goodwill they bring to this initiative. Their enthusiasm was heartwarming. Therefore, every year Impact Day turns out to be a day of fulfillment and achievement of a very different kind.”



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