Ipsos global survey reveals beauty secrets of consumers

28 Aug,2019

By A Correspondent


A global survey by Ipsos shows that attributes such as kindness, happiness, confidence, dignity, intelligence, wisdom make men and women more beautiful, instead of only the physical ones such as appearance of skin, body type, hairstyle, sexiness.


Amit Adarkar

Said Amit Adarkar, CEO Ipsos India & Operation Director, APAC, Ipsos: “Role of non physical attributes in defining beauty is an interesting trend. They are the over arching attributes which complete a person’s persona and thus makes a person attractive. Inner beauty that manifests itself as happiness or confidence is increasingly becoming relevant. At the same time, globally as well as among Indians there are ideal physical parameters of beauty (as expected) but inner beauty is the cherry on the top,”


The key attributes of beauty in the pecking order were – happiness (82 per cent), confidence (82per cent), kindness (79per cent), dignity (78per cent), intelligence (77per cent), wisdom (77per cent), strength (74per cent), humour (70per cent), professional success (65per cent), youthfulness (64per cent), financial success (60per cent), sense of style (59per cent), body weight and shape(54per cent), spirituality/ religious faith (54per cent), facial appearance (54per cent), sexiness (53per cent), hairstyling (51per cent),  appearance of skin (51per cent) and make up/ cosmetic (41per cent).


Top beauty attributes that emerged for Indian men included: happiness (84per cent), confidence (84per cent), intelligence (80per cent), dignity (79per cent), wisdom (79per cent), strength (79per cent), professional success (69per cent), financial success (69per cent), youthfulness (63per cent), sense of style (58per cent), body weight and shape (57per cent), spirituality/  religious faith (57per cent), hairstyling (53per cent), sexiness (52per cent), facial expression (52per cent), appearance of skin (49per cent)  and make-up/ cosmetics (39per cent).


“Beauty defining non physical attributes for both men and women are quite similar. May be we should re-work the old adage- ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ to ‘birds of the same disposition and personality flock together,” added Adarkar.



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