DAN Programmatic launches ‘DAN Vision for Creative’

22 Aug,2019

By A Correspondent


DAN Programmatic along with Amnet has announced the launch of DAN Vision for Creative, a machine learning- and neuroscience-based engine that delivers new insights into the predicted performance of a creative even before the creative has actually run.


Commenting on the launch, Sidharth Rao, CEO and Co-Founder of Dentsu Webchutney said: “One of the biggest gamechangers in modern marketing is the use of data to better the decision making capabilities of professionals to yield better outcomes. Creativity without data is a shot in the dark. Even when a creative professional claims to follow his gut, he or she is in reality analysing data generated through experiences for a particular outcome. Having co-founded an agency that deploys new age solutions to solve common problems, ‘DAN Vision for Creative’ is just the right weapon to solve the age old creative problem of “Why are certain creatives performing better than the others?.” It is creating for us a unique differentiator by providing a justification or even starting points for our creative approach to deliver brand success.”


Added Gautam Mehra, CEO of DAN Programmatic and Chief Data Officer (South Asia) at Dentsu Aegis Network: “Today, creative testing is about determining which creative is performing better for which audiences. This involves testing 100s of creatives. The byproduct of this is, lots of budgets invested into creative production, time spent to create them, marketing budget spent towards testing them and the time involved to get a confident decision. All of this deters most marketers from doing comprehensive creative testing. To top it all, even after this, all we get is which creative is performing better, and no clue on which element is influencing it to perform better or worse. By combining advanced AI techniques such as RNNs (recurrent neural networks), Computer Vision and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), we are now able to provide predictive intelligence for the creative even before it goes live. This shortens the creative testing cycle and saves on time and money for our clients. Additionally, DAN Vision for Creative provides clues to the “Why” of the creative; making the future creative cycle even more sharper and focussed,”.



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