Bond like Fevicol!

26 Aug,2019


By Sanjeev Kotnala


On its 60th anniversary, Fevicol has pleasantly surprised its audience with a gem of a  90-second TVC.


Art Vs. Commercial Films

Earlier there were art films of what was known as parallel cinema and commercial films. Then someone bridged the gap by making art films that were a commercial success. Films like Arth, Salaam Bombay, Chakra, Masoom, Saaransh, Ardhsatya, Akrosh, 36 Chowringhee Lane, Mirch Masala, Utsav, Newton and others defined a new paradigm by engaging the audience. Now, we no longer have the term art films, but we have a parallel cinema of a different order. Cinema with empathises on experimentation, sequels and bold differential storylines.


Are We Seeing Birth Of BrandOperate Films.

In the advertising world, there have been classical corporate films and brand films. They were all about corporate glory and not really meant to make the consumer react to increase revenue, and they had a shorter life and audience. On the other hand, there was the 30-second Brand TVC meant to work in the market. Some brand like Tata Steel, Tata Tea, Ambuja Cement,  Hamara Bajaj, Maruti were successful in bridging the gap to some extent.

Come Fevicol, maybe the first real example of a BrandOperate Film. It has all the ingredient of a corporate film, including the occasion and subtle message and the power to engage the audience.



What Makes Fevicol’s BrandOperate Communication Work?

Here the client thoroughly trusts the agency. They have a DNA of experimentation. They understand that the team consistency, along with adherence to the brand tonality and a clear benefit/purpose/role/focus is a must for engaging the audience and strengthen the brand. Remember the old ads of illogical examples having a foundation in real-life understanding. Fevicol took you places. You met the fisherman, an overcrowded bus, Boatman,  a Mooch that gets stuck through generations, an egg that does not break and many more. These films stayed with well-defined film and brand grammar. Even in this 60th-year communication, the graph moves through locale, type of houses, people and growing affluence, as the colour pallet kept moving with the time.

The team and client must be complimented in their belief and eye for detail, not that we expected any less from the team at Fevicol, Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Pandey and the name Ogilvy.


Learning From Fevicol BrandOperate Communication.

It does prove that no commercial is long if its story engages the consumer.  And when the brand has a focussed engaging and involving story, it does not need a celebrity to push the cause. If the brand idea is focussed, if it has been delivering the promise consistency through the ages, If it has adapted and evolved with the time and changes in the brand ecosystem, the brand name, logo or product shot tend to become immaterial to a large extent. It develops Positive Immunity.   Similar thoughts were expressed by Anant Rangaswami in his article ‘Five Reasons Why The New Fevicol Commercial Sucks’.



I believe, brands like AajTak, Amul, TataSteel, Bajaj, Mahindra, Makemytrip, Stayfree can attempt such BrandOperate communication successfully.


Here are some other Fevicol films for watching again.




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