Orient Electric highlights effects of invisible LED flicker

08 Jul,2019

By A Correspondent


Orient Electric has unveiled an integrated marketing campaign to raise awareness about what it calls harmful effects of invisible flicker present in LED lights and to introduce its new range of EyeLuv LED lights with Flicker-Control Technology.


Said Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Orient Electric: “Our focus has always been on using technology led innovation to offer products and solutions that meet the needs and expectations of new age consumers. While lighting experts and manufacturers were aware about the harmful effects of invisible flicker in LED lights but its awareness amongst consumers was low. The Flicker Control Technology in our new EyeLuv LED range controls the harmful invisible LED flicker thus making it safer and better for overall eye health. From creating awareness around the problem to finally introducing them to the solution i.e. Orient EyeLuv LEDs, we have addressed every aspect in our new TVC. We are hopeful that this campaign will act as an eye opener for the consumers and will encourage them to check the invisible flicker in the LED lights installed in their surroundings.”


Added Sagar Mahabaleshwar, CCO, Contract India: “The first thing we decided was not to see it as a typical home solution product, which is usually told through a nice life insight and an emotional benefit kind of story. We chose a serious tone because of the nature of the problem. And looked, not at the buying TG but the one on whom it would have the most impact – the child in every home, who studies long hours every night”


In addition to Hindi, the TVC will also be released in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, Marathi, Bengali and Punjabi.



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