Directors worried about the impact of AI on their organizations

31 Jul,2019

By A Correspondent


A whitepaper on the theme “Beyond Technology: Preparing People for Success in the Era of AI” was presented at the Dale Carnegie of India-organised ‘Expert Forum 2019’.


The whitepaper highlights a survey covering 3,500 employees where they were asked about how they feel about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what they expect from it, with the objective of providing useful insights for leaders. The research revealed a snapshot of current attitudes as well as important factors that enlightens professionals about successful implementation of AI in the organisations. The survey indicates that more than 60 per cent of respondents are likely to accept appraisal by AI, if they are fully aware of the criteria. 32 per cent of the respondents mention that they are not fully equipped with this criterion. Two in three people surveyed said they felt positive about AI taking over routine tasks so that they could focus on more meaningful work.


The whitepaper laid down aspects related to building trust at workplace where employees can have a positive attitude towards change, be willing to learn new skills and accept changing roles working alongside machines.


Said Pallavi Jha, Chairperson and Managing Director, Dale Carnegie of India: “In today’s organisations, success depends on human-machine partnerships. Leaders should focus on building trust, providing transparency and building confidence in their workforce to be able to evolve along with the changing way of work. Trust and transparency will go a long way towards bringing in more people into decision making processes and helping employees approach AI with a positive attitude.”



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