CenturyPly out to educate consumers on good quality doors

15 Jul,2019

By A Correspondent


CenturyPly has now adapted a humourous take on both retailers and consumers; highlighting the importance of doors in our daily life by launching a web-video on CenturyDoors.


Said Nikita Bansal, Executive Directors, Doors, CenturyPly: “We at CenturyPly, believe in providing quality products to our consumers and their trust is paramount to us. With the launch of this video, we are extremely excited to witness the expected brand connect and hope to educate them on the importance of quality, in a product category like doors. CenturyPly has always been the front-runner in the Indian plywood industry, and being a part of it, CenturyDoors also resonate similar trust and unwavering quality assurance of the mother brand.”



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