Snapchat study throws up friendship mantras of Indians

27 Jun,2019

By A Correspondent


Snap Inc. released a global study of 10,000 people across Australia, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK and the US to explore how culture, age, and technology shape preferences and attitudes around friendship. Ten experts on friendship from around the world contributed to the report to contextualise the data.


“Snapchat’s commitment to enabling self expression and connecting real friends compelled us to explore the attitudes, values and perceptions that shape friendship across cultures and generations,” said Amy Moussavi, Snap Inc. head of consumer insights. “While friendship may be different across regions and age groups, it plays a universally central role in our happiness and we are committed to finding new ways to celebrate and elevate it through Snapchat.”


In India, friendship is the most celebrated human relationship with a wealth of popular culture – from songs to movies – extolling its influence on our lives. The Friendship Report also provides an insight into how Indians think of and relate to their friends compared to the rest of the world.


Also, Indians have on average six best friends. Only Saudi Arabians have more with 6.6, while the UK ranks the lowest with an average of only 2.6. Interestingly, not only do people in India have more friends overall, they also want more; with 45 per cent of respondents indicating they would like to expand their social circle.



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