WatConsult launches its new initiative #FlauntTheGap

17 May,2019

By A Correspondent


Most women, after attaining motherhood face a dilemma of whether they should put their career first or family first. If she picks the former, she is judged for not caring enough for her child, and if she chooses the latter, her CV is augmented with a huge gap between jobs.


With an aim to change this thought, WatConsult has launched a new campaign, #FlauntTheGap. Launched on Mothers; Day, the campaign leveraged all social media platforms enabling new mothers to apply at moms@watconsult.com for suitable jobs at WatConsult.


The agency also altered its maternity policies this year by extending a hand towards creating some balance for new mothers in their personal and professional life by granting them six months of maternity leave, extended by six months of flexible hours.


Speaking on the same, Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WatConsult said: “At WatConsult, we understand the increasing demands that employees face in their personal as well as professional life and recognize that their career is just one of the many aspects of their life. The new HR policy changes have been designed to accommodate these demands and provide an atmosphere to thrive personally and professionally. This is a step to encourage more mothers to pursue their careers even after attaining motherhood.”



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