Reliving ‘Mauka Mauka’ as the stage sets for the Cup!

29 May,2019


By Sanjeev Kotnala


Mauka Mauka’ was an iconic communication engaging and entertaining cricket lovers 2015  to 2018. So, it is natural for the reference to come up in May 2019.

On May 23, as I was  the 2019 election results on TV, the seat swing with BJP winning was unprecedented. Someone teased the Congress supporters in the family with ‘Mauka Mauka’. It said it all.


I know it is a bit early.  India only plays Pakistan on Sunday, June 16. A date most of us have marked in our calendar. As it is early


In the discussion, Star Sports’  current ICC #WorldCup2019 communication was compared with ‘Mauka Mauka’. And one can say  the cricket enthusiast in me wants another ‘MAUKA MAUKA’. However, the professional me knows in spite of intense rivalry, a serialised communication like ‘Mauka Mauka’ is simply not possible.



One remembers the launch TVC. The full song #Won’tgiveitback.



In the last video, the Pakistan supporter with his arsenal of crackers lands at the Star Sports studio. It continued in many forms in Champion’s trophy, T20 World Cup 2017 with a lot of consumer generated spoofs and somewhere died finally with the Asia Cup. The CGS is already on like this SAPHIRA and films by Seven Pictures.



And when you are at it:  watch this too. Spoofs are far more entertaining and touch a chord.



The current World Cup has 10 teams. It’s an open tournament with a team playing all the other teams. The Top 4 qualify for the semi-final spot. And the chase is on.

The current communication ‘Cricket Ka Crown Hum Le Jayenge’ by Star Sports is entertaining and exciting.



The extension ‘Tum Suro Karo Hum Aate Hai’ promises that the broadcaster is not going to leave any Mauka of engaging the audience. And there is my hunch that ‘mauka-mauka’ will make an appearance sometime at least in the social media.  Meanwhile, the rivalry intensifies at every level



I am really waiting for this ICC World Cup 2019 communication from Star World to take some twist and keep entertaining.



It is cricket time. I must mention that I am enjoying the simple yet very celebratory communication from ”DREAM 11′. Dhobhighat, Bush and  Keys, all of them one relates too.



And when it is cricket- the AMAZON campaign Chonkpur Cheetahs will always be remembered.  I missed them. I always feel that there was a lot ,more potential to this series than what we have seen.



Sanjeev Kotnala is a senior marketer, strategy consultant and educator. He writes weekly for MxMIndia. The views here are personal


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