Milestone Dentsu & RocknRoll Riders introduce #FlagsOfChange

17 May,2019

By A Correspondent


To address the issue of increasing pollution in Leh-Ladakh, RocknRoll Riders, one of Delhi’s biker clubs, has joined hands with Milestone Dentsu to launch their new campaign #FlagsOfChange’.


Commenting on the new campaign, Dhananjay Tewari, founder, RocknRoll Riders said: “From June to October, everyday thousands of vehicles enter the region. The serene region is suddenly exposed to harmful pollutants as the vehicles make their way in. Plus there are commercial vehicles, running on diesel, that add to the smoke. We have been visiting Ladakh every year, and for us, the change was quite apparent.”


Talking about the concept, Ujjwal Anand, Country Head, Milestone Dentsu added: “Since the problem was about Ladakh, we thought the solution should also come from there. And the first thing that came to our mind, was the colourful Buddhist flags that flutter in the wind to spread blessings. We thought of using these iconic flags to create a meaningful difference in the region.”



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