Maggi unveils new TVC

14 May,2019

By A Correspondent [updated]


It’s not the first company which sends us a communique on a new TVC and doesn’t name the agency or production house creating it. Sad. For, in the entire attempt to re-orient the mindset of the nation after the outrage on ingredients that go on to make the snackbrand, the work of McCann cannot be ignored.


So, well, we learnt yesterday that the new campaign rolled by Maggi revolves around “a story of a mother and her son, wherein the mother encourages her son to prepare for life and be independent. This campaign introduces the ‘First Cook’ and celebrates those life moments, which help us grow up and take responsibility.”


Here’s what Nikhil Chand, Vice-President Foods and Confectionary, Nestlé India said in the communique: “Indians love Maggi noodles and most of us have our favourite Maggi and memories. From countless consumer conversations, we learnt that cooking Maggi noodles is often the first culinary moment for many people. For 36 years, moms have cooked Maggi noodles for their loved ones. This time, we found magic in a teenager trying to cook Maggi for the first time that makes this film beautiful.”


We wrote to the PR agency representing Maggi, but haven’t heard from it at the time of publishing. Is it McCann or some other creative agency. One wonders why Nestle chose not to name the creator of the ad? Not right, na?

We have since heard from the PR agency who has informed that the agency is indeed McCann. One still wonders why Nestle (and its PR agency) refused to name the ad agency upfront.




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