Tonic Worldwide creates #WakaoMoment for Dinshaw’s

23 Apr,2019

By A Correspondent


Dinshaw’s Ice cream has launched its summer 2019 campaign titled, #WakaoMoment. The campaign focuses on celebrating the moments of happiness.


The campaign is released dominantly in digital media and is supported by radio and outdoor in major markets of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.


Said Jamashp Bapuna – Joint Managing Director and Zervin Rana – Director Sales & Marketing and Dinshaw’s Dairy Foods said: “Taste, quality, sensuality and romance have been overexploited in Ice Cream category. The consumer does not necessarily look for these. The brand needs to connect with them at their life moments and give them an emotional reason to engage. Hence the 2017 campaign celebrated friendship and togetherness under the theme was “Dil Ki Dosti pighalti Nahi” and 2018 campaign “Taste in tongue out” celebrated the temptation to eat ice cream. Salivating tongue-out whenever people see someone eating ice cream humorously represented it. The 2019 campaign addresses the core target group of today’s youth and tries to speak to them in their language. It is again slice-of-life representation. The brand is part of their life and is providing them with a new currency to express the excitement and happiness of their #WakaoMoment.”


Added Sanjeev Kotnala, Marketing Advisor with the brand: “When you don’t have a word to express sudden happiness shout Wakao.  #WakaoMoments are simple moments and not rare in life. We have been conscious of the fact that the situations we use represent the lifestyle and local connections for the consumers in our markets. We are conscious of the fact that happiness should be the most democratized emotion and feeling. There is no measurement and process to evaluate happiness. But we through our own life, constraints and freedom, experiences and examples have created our measurement of happiness. So, it is entirely individualistic and unique for each one of us. And we have our unique ways to demonstrate happiness verbally and through actions. Just find a #WakaoMoment and celebrate it with Dinshaws Ice Creams.”


Said Sudish Balan, Chief Business Officer, Tonic Worldwide: “Wakao is a creative expression for all celebratory moments and slice of life moments of happiness which strategically placed Dinshaw’s in the centre of all celebrations. The objective is to get people to celebrate all these moments with Dinshaw’s leading to brand love and sales. Additionally, it creates an emotional connect with youth audiences looking for a cool conversational lingo.”



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