The Joke Could Be On Us

01 Apr,2019


It’s April Fools’ Day. Save the last two years when April 1 fell on no-edition days (Sunday last year and Saturday in 2017), we’ve had our share of fun (at the expense of others).


This year too, we had lined up a few headlines. Check our shortlist:


1. Arnab develops a soft corner for RAGA.

With a picture of the star anchor-editor-entrepreneur smiling. The Raga is an obvious suggestion to Congress president Rahul Gandhi, though the story leads on to Arnab’s reported new-found love for Indian classical music


2. Business magazine CEO says: Yes! Pays salaries on time

The story is about a leading business magazine which is rumoured to be paying salaries very, very late. To some even more than six months after scheduled payment. But now things have changed with a benefactor wiping out all of the dues.


3. Star to sponsor Kangaa League. Develop indoor e-Kanga e-cricket tourney

Buoyed by the popularity of e-sports and the success of PUBG, the leading broadcaster – which has invested much in a variety of sports – is now considering an e-Kangaa League. Given that the cricket tournament is almost always washed out, the rights came cheap, and the idea is to catch them young in the world of e-sports too. As the on-field cricketing championship is supposed to.


4. MxM now accepts quid pro quos, cash for awards

MxM, known to not dole out favours and plugs in lieu of advertising, has changed its policies. While many publications have been doing this for many years, it has now got a rate card for publishing stories, tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, and will also hand out awards to people, at a price of course. So while 97% of the awards will be legit, a few will be slipped in to friends in exchange for favours.


Hmmm, so we didn’t post these stories. Because the reality is that there is fake news everywhere. Including some legitimate (and some not-so) news platforms Given the ways of the media world in the country, the joke could well be on us.


As for the four news stories: Arnab Goswami has developed no special love for RaGa… we don’t know about classical music though. We aren’t sure about what’s up in the financial world of the business magazine though last heard dues of some months were not settled. Star surely has better things to do, though e-sports is definitely a pull. On the last story on MxM: no way are we going to get lured by revenues for content or award events (which we don’t currently do). In fact we just rejected two offers made to us last week….


Meanwhile, do check this:

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