Rediff evokes patriotic fever amongst Tunisians in Xenon ad film

04 Apr,2019

By A Correspondent


With an aim to take the brand acceptability and recall to the next level, Tata Motors recently launched new variant for the Tata Xenon in Tunisia. Through this campaign, the brand aims to take the customers on a journey of an Indian brand infused with the spirit of patriotism that reflects their desire to take their country ahead.


Speaking on the initiative, Rudrarup Maitra, Head, International Business, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors said: “We introduced Tata Xenon in Tunisia in 2016 and in a short span of time, Tata Xenon managed to become a significant player with its sheer performance. This was an important milestone for an Indian automotive brand, in a market with strong foothold of Japanese and European brands. In order to further drive our growth, we needed to support the brand with communication, which was both culturally and locally relevant as well as engaging for the Tunisian customer.  We embarked on a customer immersion journey wherein we mined many deep customer insights. The extensive research surfaced a strong need of self-reliance amongst the customers and the need to be tough to be able to strive towards better life. We also realized that the Tunisian National Anthem resonates with the essence of what the Tata Xenon brand stands for. This gave birth to “Only the tough can” campaign, which is a result of the hard work put in by marketing team, our agency partners and our distributor partner Le Moteur. Our primary closed group research has shown that the campaign is being received well and is managing to create the emotional connect we had hoped for. We are very excited to take it ahead as a full-fledged campaign across TV, outdoor and digital.”


Added Siddhant Lahiri, Strategic Planning Head, Rediffusion Mumbai: “The revolution of 2011 changed Tunisia. It is a country recovering from a tumultuous past. It is a country trying to boost its economy after a severe civil uprising. The market is nascent yet ridden with strong Japanese, European & Chinese brands when it comes to automobiles. Therefore, marketing high value products is a challenge in the country, especially commercial vehicles. Hence, it was essential to connect this vehicle with an intrinsic cultural truth – otherwise this would remain yet another launch. While jobs are few, competition is huge and as a result Tunisians are more inclined towards self-reliance. It is a nation of entrepreneurs – self-starters who refuse to take no for an answer in their quest for a better future. This reflects perfectly on their sentiment towards the country as well: people are deeply patriotic and want to do more for their homeland. Despite the rough circumstances, they consider it their responsibility to help their country – they want to rise up for their country’s might and drive it towards a glorious future. They call themselves “the defenders of their Homeland.”



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