Finolex Pipes launches digital campaign on water conservation

24 Apr,2019

By A Correspondent


Finolex Industries has launched a digital campaign on water conservation. Aimed at impacting a change in the way people use water, the film shows the grim reality we are headed towards if we do not take necessary steps to conserve water.


Commenting on the films, Nitin Kulkarni, President, Sales & Marketing, Finolex Industries said: “We’re privileged to be the company that helps transport water into the homes and farms of majority Indians. As we enjoy this privilege this is our small attempt to remind our countrymen that water is a resource we must use wisely. Having said that for us, actions speak louder than words and I’d request all those who have seen this film to also see the work done by Mukul Madhav Foundation – CSR partner of Finolex Industries in the area of water conservation and support that work where possible.”


Added Harshil Karia, Managing Director, Schbang: “We’re happy to use the occasion of World Earth Day to co create something special with Finolex. For us, Finolex and Mukul Madhav Foundation and their work has always been inspirational and we’re very glad to be able to create a message to add to all the fantastic work they do. Our entire team across Mumbai and Bengaluru supports this message and shall be doing all it can to ensure that water is used mindfully in our homes and offices and that this message travels far and wide.”



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