ITV Network felicitates top F&B brands, including ‘Best Digestive Tablet’

11 Mar,2019


By A Correspondent


Normally, we wouldn’t spending more than 10 seconds doing a rapid read of the press release. But it was the weekend, and we had all the time in the world. Plus it was F&B awards so one wanted to check which restaurants, chefs, hotels etc have been awarded.


The iTV Network organised The Sunday Guardian-NewsX Food & Beverage Awards 2019 and the presentation of the awards happened on March 9. Along with the awards, there were also some panel discussions with notable as participants.


All of this was fine, until we decided to look at the list of the award winners and the categories. We remember the CondeNast Traveller listing and were delighted that more Mumbai restaurants figured in it. However, Vir Sanghvi’s list of best restaurants of last year was dramatically different.


And what about the ITV list? Well, you need to read it to make your own judgment.


Here goes:

The Sunday Guardian – NewsX Food & Beverage Awards were conferred to –

1. Five Star Hotel of the year presented toRoseate House 

2. Excellence in Hospitality presented toMB Greens Clarks INN  

3. Best Resort in Delhi NCR presented toJaypee Resorts

4. Best Convention Hotel in Delhi NCR presented toHyatt Regency

5. Excellence in Manufacturing of Organic Foods presented toAnantatva

6. Excellence in Food – Tandoori presented toChutney Bar + Tandoor

7. Best Theme Based Restaurant presented toGhar Restaurant

8. Restaurant of the Year, Noida presented toSpellbound

9. Entrant Restaurant of the Year presented toFinch

10. Legendary Punjabi Restaurant Chain presented toSandoz

11. Most Innovative Bar presented toBottles & Barrels

12. Taking Heritage to Next Level presented toSand Restro Bar 

13. Youngest Entrepreneur of the year presented toMr. Suhel Nagpal, Symphony Banquet

14. Youngest Restauranteur of the year presented toMr. Saransh Gupta, TYM Restaurant

15. Lifetime Achievement Award presented toJairam Banan, Founder, Sagar Ratna, Restaurant chain

16. Excellence in Indian Food (Non Metro) presented toMr. Manish Goyal

17. Japanese Restaurant of the Year presented toGuppy

18. Excellence in Nightlife with live music performance, NCR presented toSaints and Sinners Grub Pub-Music 

19. Best Pure Veg in Delhi NCR presented toImly Restaurant

20. Restaurant of the Year, Delhi NCR presented toDuty Free Vayu Bar

21. Best Kulcha in India presented toAmritsari Express   

22. The Best Digestive Tablet presented toSatmola  

23. Best Microbreweries, Delhi NCR presented toVapour Bar Exchange

24. Best Modern Indian Restaurant presented to Too Indian 


Now, what’s #22 doing in a list like this? The Best Digestive Tablet? Rather than raise a stink, we must say it’s a brilliant idea. It sure raises the bar for F&B Awards, and opens up an entire new set of enterprises and entrepreneurs that can be presented: Best Bottled Water, Best Serviettes/Napkins, Best Cutlery (sub-categories: Best Fork, Best Knife, Best Spoon, Best Dessert Spoon, Best Fruit Fork etc), Best Mukhwas, Best Sofas, Best Chairs, Best Tables, Best High Chairs (for kids), Best Container for Mukhwas, Best Doormat, Best Washroom, Best Toilet Seat, Best Toilet Paper, Best… so you get the drift.



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