In airstrike week, Aaj Tak touches new high, Republic Bharat turns #3. Note claims not verified by BARC or by us

08 Mar,2019

By Our Research Editor


We must say at the outset, that these are unverified claims. Measurement body BARC doesn’t share data with media or even verify it as it normally does because the data is said to be unstable. So while it is issued to subscribers, despite TRAI’s diktat, it’s not given to the media. Yes, BARC (and hence its three stakeholders) have (thereby) shown TRAI the finger. We learn that BARC subscribers have been urged not to use the data in advertising etc, but then that hasn’t happened.


So, we at MxMIndia are in a fix. Do we not publish these claims because they aren’t verified? Or do we trust the channels/ networks and publish and care a damn about our own credibility? After all readers repose trust us – that whatever we publish is – at least to the best of our belief – is correct. Now the piece of information – or should we say pieces of information do appear to be correct, but they’ve not been verified. And hence they are not to best of our knowledge.


So here’s what: as for Aaj Tak and its claim, it’s not much of rocket science. The Airstrike, News and possibly not a primetime soap, is what the world was turning to. People were keen on following up on a different set of Khatron Ke Khiladi. You get the drift. Also, in the past, Aaj Tak has scaled similar highs and outpaced even the GECs.


As for Republic Bharat, the communique that has reached us is without any attribution (except to BARC), but then we saw a Facebook post with a quote from Arnab Goswami. As also a mailer which had his statement. Now we trust Goswami, and we are certain that he will not make incorrect claims. Oh, yes, we do trust Goswami, though we do have some reservations about the brand of journalism on (and of) his channel.


So we are carrying this report, but please do note, it’s not something we have verified. So why are we carrying it, one may ask. Well, we didn’t carry a report on Republic Bharat’s numbers last week. But this week, the news releases are about achieving a milestone and deserve a mention. Why let these two channels suffer because of the inefficiencies in the system!

Also, we did check on numbers with another subscriber who obviously wanted to stay anonymous.


So after the foreplay, if you still have the desire to know more:

Aaj Tak has claimed that it has broken news viewership records in Week 9 of 2019, banking on BARC India’s viewership data released to its subscribers. While the channel was No. 3 across the television universe, it raced past Hindi general entertainment channels during the crucial four-day period dominated by the airstrike by India, the dog fight of Indian and Pakistani jets, news about Abhinandan’s release and the day he was set free. [Source: BARC, TG:15+, Market: HSM, Period:wk-09’19,Gross Impression in 000s].


Channel Wk-09’19 Channel last 4 Days
Zee Anmol 6,18,402 Aaj Tak 3,69,029
STAR Plus 4,65,102 Zee Anmol 3,08,004
Aaj Tak 4,62,693 STAR Plus 2,73,851


Among news channels, Aaj Tak garnered more than 40 per cent higher viewership as compared to the next Hindi news channel in Week 9. This margin was 47 per cent during the last four days.


In the case of Republic Bharat, the channel has reported a 13 crore reach and hence entered the Top 3 bracket of Hindi news channels.


In the week In question, there was an increase in the impressions by 55% i.e. from 141.68 Mn (third week) to 219.34 Mn.  The timespent on Republic Bharat has increased from 18:21 minutes (third week) per viewer to 22:30 minutes due to its vast expanse of exclusives fired on a day-on-day basis. R.Bharat witnessed a double digit growth in the HSM market making it the fastest growing Hindi news channel.



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