Vitamin Stree’s campaign explores sexual habits of millennials 

22 Feb,2019

By A Correspondent


In October 2018, Vitamin Stree set out to understand how urban millennials in India view sex and sexuality, by conducting an anonymous, online sex survey among 2500 respondents. The youth took the opportunity to break their silence on sex and revealed their beliefs, attitudes and questions when it comes to sex.


Said Padmini Vaidyanathan, Editor & Creative Head, Vitamin Stree: “This is such an important story to tell. It is not just telling young people to go have sex, but to tell them that if they are not armed with the right set of information, they may not make the choices that work best for them. Freedom to choose only works, when one has all sides of every story. We hope with this series, we can at least initiate the conversation that leads to informed, sexual empowerment for this generation and generations to come.”



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