Pepsi gets the swag for Summer of 2019

25 Feb,2019

By A Correspondent


The summer is setting in and Pepsi has brought it with a celebrating of the ‘swag’ with its ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ campaign.


Speaking on this campaign, Tarun Bhagat, Director-Marketing, Hydration and Cola, PepsiCo India, said: “Pepsi is a brand which has resonated with the voice of today’s generation. This summer, Pepsi is acknowledging and celebrating a word that defines today’s millennials’ – swag. ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ is all about living in the moment, seizing new, interesting opportunities and doing it all with swag. The new campaign is a progressive approach to truly reflect the self-belief of today’s generation.”


Added Senthil Kumar, Creative Chief at Wunderman Thompson (eka J Walter Thompson): “Pepsi has always been the cult brand that creates and curates culture for the young and the restless with every new campaign and the result has always been popular content that echoes the self-belief and celebrates the self-confidence of youth. This new generation is armed with self-belief and Swag, read as effortless cool, in every step of their individual and collective journeys. They don’t hesitate to stand up for what they believe in and stand out because they right the wrong themselves, not waiting for course correction from others. This Summer, Pepsi celebrates this bubbling self-belief and sizzling Swag of India’s young with the campaign “Har Ghoont Mein Swag“. And when this spirit of self-belief leads to self-confident action, every drop rises to the occasion, creating an ocean of youthful Swag.”



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