Colgate offers dental solutions at Kumbh Mela

19 Feb,2019

By A Correspondent


Colgate-Palmolive has launched the ‘Kumbh Se Sampoorna Shuddhi, Colgate Vedshakti Se Sampoorna Suraksha‘ campaign at the ongoing Kumbh Mela in Allahabad.


Said Issam Bachaalani, Managing Director, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited said: “At Colgate, we consistently work towards providing superior oral care and protection to all Indians, and towards caring for our communities. The Kumbh Mela gives us an opportunity to achieve both these objectives with our key target segments at an unprecedented scale.  Our theme at the Kumbh is Complete Protection or Sampoorna Suraksha, as part of which we are offering millions of visitors free samples of Colgate Vedshakti toothpaste that provides sampoorna suraksha to the mouth. But that’s not all – we are also extending to our consumers ways and means to ensure complete safety of their families, as they wade their way through the Kumbh Mela by handing out  suraksha ropes – for families to walk together, and suraksha wristbands – for children to have an emergency contact number on their wrist.”



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