Advertisers asked to stay away from fresh ratings until viewership stabilises given New Tariff Order

08 Feb,2019

By A Correspondent


It’s not the first time that this has been done, but that it is happening in an election year is important to note. The TRAI and government have gone forward with the implementation of the New Tariff Order-led regime for distribution of TV signals.


There are contradictory reports on this, but some numbers suggest that only 10 per cent of the TV viewing universe has switched to the new world. While it’s 10 per cent now, the number is bound to grow and there will be many homes which could even be TV signal-less. Unlikely, but possible.


In this scenario, where there the viewership is going to be impacted, so will the measurement. Hence, Indian Society of Advertisers, the apex body of advertisers, and minority part-owner of joint industry body BARC India (Broadcast Audience Research Council) has advised its constituents to not factor in the new ratings that come in until viewership stabilises. While six weeks is the duration mentioned, this could well be more.


It may not impact buying decisions much, but for news television which is sprucing up its act and upping the ante in the run-up to the elections, it’s a dampener. Republic.Bharat, whose viewership numbers are expected next week, may not be impacted much since its free to air, but then as viewers decide on what they want, there’s always some uncertainty. Rivals who are not free to air can always say that comparisons or claims of leadership will not be right.


BARC, by the way, is not going to stop measuring watermarked channels. It will continue to do so and release ratings, as always.


Meanwhile, please access the PDF below for the ISA advisory.


ISA Advisory to all members regarding TRAI NTO and way forward

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