Will adland buy Shortlist?

08 Jan,2019


By A Correspondent


It’s an initiative that will help agencies manage costs in the area of awards entries. Entries to awards – especially the international ones – cost loads of monies, and in times when agency budgets are shrinking and client fees are touching a new low, this could well be a, well, Whattan Idea Sirji development.

So basically there will be a group of 27 judges – Indian and international – all of who have been on the juries of major awards – who will tell agencies in confidence if their entry has it to win a metal in the global or desi awards.

There’s a small catch though: in order to save big monies, you need to pay small monies. So in order to get the expert view from The Shortlist’s jury, you need to pay Rs 4000 per entry. The decisions of the jury will be confidential and there will be no awards event, release of lists etc.

Rajesh Kejriwal

Rajesh Kejriwal, Co-founder and CEO, Kyoorius is ecstatic about the idea. “All the people in the agency business we spoke with – CCOs and even CFOs – love the idea. Awards are expensive investments – the reasons for entering an award show are many. As the economic climate in which agencies operate gets tougher, wiser decisions have to be made to ensure better ROI. The Shortlist provides valuable feedback and validates what eventually can or should be entered into awards shows.”

The smart businessman that Kejriwal is has perhaps hit a winner idea. The communique that his office sent us was loaded with near-endorsements. Josy Paul, Amer Jaleel, Santosh Padhi, Bobby Pawar… all the gods of the business. And since it’s Kejriwal and Kyoorius, obviously the blessings of Ogilvy will also be there.

The Shortlist has been set up in partnership with Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, and with the support of The One Club For Creativity, organisers of the One Show and the ADC Awards. Kyoorius has now allied with The One Show to power its awards. It was earlier tied up with D&AD.

Said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for Creativity: “The Shortlist is a highly useful new resource that will greatly assist creative directors as they determine their awards show entries. The decision to enter a piece of work to an award show must be well thought-through, and The One Club has worked closely with Kyoorius to develop this platform to help agencies make that determination. The Shortlist utilises a robust evaluation process, designed specifically to provide an actionable audit. At the end of the process, creative directors will have greater confidence in then submitting their ‘shortlisted’ work to The One Show global awards.”

The question though we had is will agencies respect the decision of The Shortlist jury and not submit an entry that has not been found to be awards-worthy? We spoke to a few people who had heard of the initiative and while they are hoping that the idea works, they are unsure if they will actually accept the Shortlist jury decision if they reject a creative.

Said one creative biggie requesting anonymity: “It’s great when they say ‘yes’ to a creative, but if they reject it, then there are larger issues at play. Keeping the client happy, taking care of the egos of the creative team, etc etc.” Added another: “It’s a CFO-friendly agency and most agencies – especially the networked ones – are managed by accountants. But we must remember that it’s finally a creative idea. I think Year 1 is going to be a wait-and-watch one. We will all see how it has worked.”

Details on the call for entries, categories, submission guide and jury to be revealed soon at theshortlist.kyoorius.com. The evaluation of entries to The Shortlist will be announced in February 2019.

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