Racold launches new integrated campaign

02 Jan,2019

By A Correspondent


Water heating solutions provider Racold has unveiled #ShowerDecision, a new integrated campaign. The campaign celebrates this moment of ‘decision making’ and urges consumers to share the decisions they took that made a difference to their lives. People can share their #ShowerDecision by simply logging to www.racold.com/showerdecision and uploading a video or a picture with their unique story.


Notes a communique: “Being in shower also allows you to enter into a meditative state of mind. Though, baths and showers are part of our daily life, a hot shower has a positive, energizing and inspirational impact on your mind. The campaign has been launched through three digital films, where the protagonist talks about their life changing decisions. For example, ne film highlights how the shower helped a man in realizing that he should leave his 9 to 5 job that never gives him actual happiness and start pursuing his passion – writing. This changed his entire life and made him happier. In the similar way another film highlights how a woman, who couldn’t complete her education due to bad circumstances in life and got married, had kids. One fine morning after taking a hot shower she could gather all her courage to give a fresh start to her life by deciding she will join college and complete her education.”



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