Instagram is primary choice of brands, notes Buzzoka study

09 Jan,2019

By  A Correspondent


Buzzoka, an integrated influencer marketing platform, released the second edition of its annual series – Influencer Marketing Outlook 2019. The survey was conducted with over 500 brands and content creators in order to provide holistic understanding of Influencer Marketing ecosystem in India.


According to the study, about 69 per cent brands spend $50,000 per year on influencer campaign, however 27 per cent brand goes ahead and spends $1,00,000 per year. It notes that Instagram is the primary choice of brands and 77 per cent brands see it as a huge potential; this is followed by Facebook at 54 per cent. The study further notes that over 50 per cent brand custodians considered branding and reach as their primary objective to use influencer marketing; while 88 per cent brand custodians felt that influencer marketing has the potential to drive engagement and reach.


Said Ashutosh Harbola, Co-Founder Buzzoka: “We are glad to unveil the 2nd annual report highlighting the substantial facts that are driving the market growth. Influencer marketing has never been more important with the years passing by. The consumers continue to trust word of mouth versus other forms of marketing.” He further stated, “Being a key player in the industry, backed by the passionate team of experts, we are really optimistic that Influencer Marketing has the potential to grow manifolds in the coming years. Also, we are gung-ho on the inclusion of commoners in the gambit of Influencer marketing and hope a billion dollar industry is waiting in India to be explored.”



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