1 Minute View: Nice, pre-audit idea. Hope it works

08 Jan,2019

1 Minute ViewIf it works, it will do the industry a world of good. Obviously, there’s some money to be made by the people who’ve created the concept and are executing it, but those are small monies considering the amount that can be saved.


Rajesh Kejriwal’s Kyoorius has come with the idea of The Shortlist, an attempt to advise advertising agencies on whether the work they wish to enter in major international and national awards stand a chance. This will be a confidential report given to the agencies who send in the entries for an appraisal. No awards night. No metals awarded. Comprising the jury will be global and desi greats who’ve been part of the jury at some of the best awards in the business.


While Kejriwal sent us a communique which had many biggies in the business endorsing the concept, one needs to figure how well it works. For, if an agency goes ahead and enters work that the Shortlist jury may not have found metal-worthy, it would defeat the exercise. But for that we need to give the concept a chance. Here’s to Kejriwal and Kyoorius for a winner idea.



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