1 Minute View: Congratulations, Avinash Pandey!

02 Jan,2019

1 Minute ViewWe revive our 1 Minute View feature on popular demand. Popular, we must clarify, doesn’t mean lakhs and crores of readers, but just a few dozen loyal well-wishers of the website. They believe that the ‘1 Minute View’ helps give readers a daily perspective on issues concerning the trade.

We agree, except that commentary is not very revenue-generation-friendly. So the sensitive folks in the trade may take umbrage to adverse comments on them or positive comments on competition. But, heck, that’s now what got us to start MxMIndia. Our allegiance is towards our readers.

Meanwhile, the year has started in right earnest and with some happy news from the offices of ABP News. Long-standing ABP News honcho Avinash Pandey is now the Big Boss of the company. We wish him the very best. The news comes on the back of the revelation that ABP News has clocked the highest programming content across Hindi and English news television. In a year that’s going to see the mother-of-all elections, Pandey has his role cut out for him, and we are sure the high numbers on December 11 will help boost revenues.

It’s an interesting road ahead for Pandey and ABP News. Developments of the last year on the editorial front have now been forgotten, and it’s heartening to see that ABP News has maintained its neutral stance. And that could well be a good thing given that finally the media has started asking the Narendra Modi government some tough questions.

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