Rediffusion unveils new brand identity

21 Dec,2018

By A Correspondent


Rediffusion has unveiled its new brand identity that is a play on bright yellow and purple and is new-age in its approach.


Said Navonil Chatterjee, Joint President & Chief Strategy Officer, Rediffusion Brand Solutions: “Our belief is that Creativity needs to be amplified to the power of technology to arrive at break-through solutions for brands. And when Creativity meets Technology, the result is Connections, Conversations and Conversions. That’s the future of brand building and that’s what this new Rediffusion is poised to deliver on.”


Added Rahul Jauhari, Jt.President & Chief Creative Officer, Rediffusion Brand Solutions: “The need to build powerful brands has never gone. What has changed is the toolset to do so and the environment in which we operate. Brand building is what we have done for decades now. It’s in our blood. In this world of data, analytics and never ending stream of possible specialist partners, the new Rediffusion aims to be that one partner who will hold our clients’ hand as they build their brand in this mad new world of marketing,”



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