Period is Normal, Period Pain is Not: C Com Digital

24 Dec,2018

By A Correspondent


C Com Digital, a full-service digital publicist, organised an education and awareness drive on dysmenorrhea in GNIMS, Mumbai in association with Blue Cross Laboratories.


Helly Shah, the Youtuber who became a household name for her take on how period pain is not normal, kickstarted the event by reciting her extremely popular poem on period pain. The event saw participation by a large majority of students from GNIMS who were enthusiastic to understand more about dysmenorrhea and the risk factors.


Said Chandan Bagwe, MD, C Com Digital: “It is very important that today’s youth are aware of dysmenorrhea. The myths surrounding period pain should be broken down. Youth are the evangelists in spreading the message over the social media and digital platforms where they are most active. Helly’s poem #whysuffersilently on YouTube and Whatsapp has already become an instant hit.  Many students in colleges and HR managers from corporate world have downloaded the educative posters available on”



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