Tata Steel unveils corporate brand campaign

21 Nov,2018

By A Correspondent


Tata Steel has embarked on a corporate brand campaign that celebrates the brand as the catalyst for ushering in a new era in the journey of the organisation.


The campaign line #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow, which recalls the iconic line We Also Make Steel, emerged from the fact that the future is being shaped by imagination and imagination needs steel to become a reality.


Commenting on the brief, Bindu Sethi, Chief Strategy Officer, J. Walter Thompson said: “We were required to reimagine the role of Tata Steel in today’s world. The continuing importance of a company like Tata Steel in shaping the future of our world. The brief to creative was: imagination and ideas would remain in the mind and on paper unless Tata Steel makes them a reality. That is the power of steel. Tata Steel’s technology and innovation gives life to imagination that shapes our future.”


Added Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative Officer, J Walter Thompson said: “The Tatas wanted to build a steel plant in 1907 and chose Sakchi, a village in the jungle by the banks of two rivers. They ended up building the shining city of Jamshedpur that is exemplary in so many ways. This pioneering culture of innovation in the company led the epic campaign created by JWT in the late eighties ‘we also make steel’. It is an honour for JWT to have worked on the past, present and the future of this legendary company, building a bridge of steel from yesterday to tomorrow. While working on this campaign we met thousands of Tata Steel employees, team leaders and business heads. We rediscovered a company that is shaping the future, with steel at its core and the pioneering culture of innovation as the collective soul for over a hundred years. But what drives innovation is pure childlike imagination. And that is the leap we took to deliver the new line – We also Make Tomorrow.”

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