Indrani Sen: Digital has hardly affected popularity of TV and Print in India

19 Nov,2018

By Indrani Sen


Last week, I read the Executive Summary of the eighth Global Media Intelligence Report by eMarketer (file:///C:/Users/Lenovo/Pictures/GMI-2018-ExecutiveSummary.pdf). As I am not a PRO subscriber of eMarketer, I was not able to access the full report which covers 40 countries across the globe and has been conducted by eMarketer in collaboration with Starcom on the state of global digital media.  But the Executive Summary revealed some interesting trends which are worth sharing with the readers of

Among the four key trends shown in the report, it reconfirms that the “World has gone mobile” and “World internet users have also embraced social networking”. On top of that, the statistics further shows out of the total social network users worldwide, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for 57% of the users as shown here.

According to the data released by TRAI, India’s total mobile phone users have touched the 1 billion mark, of which smart phone users are over 300 million. In other words, we have a bigger number of smartphone users than each of the four regions, i.e. Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, North America and Latin America!

The above chart shows the estimates of the total media ad spending by regions, where Asia-Pacific ranks second after North America.  The chart below shows the split between traditional media and digital media by different regions, where traditional media is enjoying 53.6% share in the ad spends of the Asia Pacific region.

The report’s third insight says “Individual markets are just that: Individual” quoting different trends of different markets. It comments that “Print media were particularly strong in India; newspapers rivalled TV for penetration among internet users there in H1 2018”. The fourth trend quoted by the Executive Summary says that “Digital has hardly dented TV’s popularity”. The findings of the report have shown that television remains by far the most popular content-based medium despite the explosion of content over digital platforms. “In every country surveyed by GlobalWebIndex, a majority of internet users took advantage of the myriad options now available to view TV content at all hours, and on a range of screens—including TV channels’ catch-up services and video-on-demand providers such as Netflix and MUBI, as well as video recorders”.

Indian advertisers, who use TV as their main medium for advertising and rely on print for creating topical/ immediate impact, will find the findings of this survey reassuring and useful.



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