Bates Chi & Partners bids farewell to its office with ’55B Bye Bye’

06 Nov,2018

By A Correspondent


Given that Bates Chi & Partners is merging with Soho Square, the entire Bates team is shifting its office from 55B Mirza Ghalib Street in Kolkata to a new address. But 55B has not only been an office address but also home to a plethora of ad stalwarts and luminaries. Hence, with the change in address Bates wanted to celebrate this occasion with its ‘55B Bye Bye’ campaign.


Sharmista Dev

Said Sharmista Dev, Office Head, Bates Chi & Partners, Kolkata: “The campaign touched a chord. Not just with those who were once a part of the famous address, 55B Mirza Ghalib Street, but also among people from the advertising industry. For an industry known for its professionalism and where the minute just gone by becomes history, such an initiative was unheard of. What’s more, it also brought a few seasoned professionals to tears. They all have thanked us for making them a part of 55B forever in such a unique way.”


Sumanto Chattopadhyay

Added Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Soho Square: “The office as 55B was a landmark. Its historical significance stems from it being around for decades, in various avatars. Most recently, it became a subsidiary of Ogilvy and a part of its Soho-Bates combine, which I have been heading since last year. I would say I came late to the party as I am one of the few Kolkata advertising people who had never passed through its hallowed portals in the past. I am fortunate that I got to be a part of it in the last year though. It was especially emotional to be a part of the farewell event, which was attended by luminaries such as Barun Chanda, Ram Ray and Usha Uthup.

I feel proud to be able to say that I am part of an agency that, in its old avatar — DJ Keymer — employed Satyajit Ray. Later, as Clarion, it created the famous ‘Ami Sananda’ campaign, amongst others. And as Bates it produced landmark taglines such as ‘Ulte dekhun, palte gachhe’ for Anandalok. There must have been some special magic within those walls. For me, the success of the Bye Bye campaign is that it brought back to 55B, for one last time, former Bates people such as Souvik Misra of SoS Ideas and Diptanshu Roy of JWT, who are today our competitors. I think it shows that once you are a Bates person, you are always a Bates person. That is a very special feeling and we carry it with us to our new premises. We will always have 55B in our hearts and it will spur us on to take the agency to greater glory in the days to come.”

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