Sanjeev Kotnala: My Juggernaut, My Rules

03 Oct,2018

By Sanjeev Kotnala


It is still taking me time. I am slowly getting there with help from Juggernaut. The Kindle-wielding population may not see what is exciting about this. It is just another app.

I never liked reading books digitally. Some how I miss the feeling that comes with holding a book on hand. There is something unreal about the experience.

I love flipping through the pages. I take notes on the margins. I freely underline statements and even complete paragraphs I wish to read again. The smell of fresh sheets is intoxicating. And there is a different kind of pleasure when you doze off with an open book on your chest. Reason enough to delay my introduction to digital books.

I hate the idea of a library on the device. I fear I will end up not reading any. I will be confused and spoilt for choice. I can start any book whenever I want. On top of it, I will carry one more device. It was a definite no-no.

My failed experiment and experience.

I downloaded Kindle for Mac. It remained another program in the background. I filled it with books I planned to read. There were always other critical jobs prioritised on the Mac. It was a bad experiment. I was anyway not comfortable reading more than a few pages on the screen. However, I was not going to give up without first-hand experience.

Then Juggernaut happened to me.

I was searching for a publisher for my novel ‘Chimera of Lansdowne’. Someone suggested I should check out Juggernaut. The deal did not work out, but somewhere I ended up downloading the app.

It is like many other book-reading apps. You build your bookshelf, pick-choose and buy from their ever-growing collection of books. The books are available offline and online for reading. The books are reasonably priced. Some of them are even available for free. Many books allow you to read a few sample chapters before you decide to buy them.

Juggernaut, yet another book-reading app!

All is good. Still, my first reaction was no different. Just another app!

The experience was positive and promising. The big question was, will it be able to make me shift to digital book-reading?

I have read many books on Juggernaut.

‘The Crazy untold story of Bollywood’s bad boy- Sanjay Dutt’ by Yaseer Usman was interesting enough. So, I ended up also reading ‘Rekha the untold story’. It was in Juggernaut that I read ‘A century is not enough’ by Saurav Ganguly and  ‘Goodman to Tycoon- the untold story of Baba Ramdev’ by Priyanka Pathak Narain before it got banned. Recently, I completed ‘Half the night is gone’ by Amitabha Bagchi and ‘Murder at the temple’ by Madhumita Bhattacharya.   It seems I am getting there.

‘The Mahabharata Murders’ by Arnab Ray is downloaded for the next flight.


Juggernaut the Serialised Novel experiment.

I was introduced to the concept of a serialised novel in Juggernaut with ‘Hush a bye baby’ by Deepanjana Pal. One chapter released at a time.  They were short and crisp. I could read them in no time. It had a lovely narrative with a strong storyline.  It kept you guessing. You were hooked in a different experience.  I knew I was going to fall in love with it.

Content is finally the king-queen-joker and the whole pack. Serialising exciting content can help inculcate reading habit in the new generation.

Think about it. What if, Harry Potter released one chapter on a day?

If you failed to read it on time, the chapters would magically disappear from your screen, forever. No, there is nothing like that at Juggernaut.


The Budding Writers Nursery in Juggernaut.

The best part in Juggernaut is the writer’s section. Here the authors share their creative expressions, be it a novel, story or even poems. Most of these are available for free to the registered users.

I find it exciting. Everyone has some story to share.

I fell in love with short stories. My Juggernaut experience is exceptional. They are short stories by not-so-well-known or emerging authors across a broad spectrum of subjects, situations and genres. Wow, you have to read them to experience it.

I download these stories for an offline experience. I read them whenever I want. They are short enough, and it does not take long to finish them. Best part, there is no ‘what next’ question.

Most of them are fairly decent.  Few worth mentioning are ‘The leopard of Bageshwar’ by Arun Fulara, ‘Ratified Murder’ by Cuni Popi,  ‘I don’t need any shoes’ by Saurav Somani, ‘The killer in the room’ by Stuti Changle, ‘One night in Mumbai’ by Indira Bisht,  and  ‘The window seat’ by Anita Chatterjee.

The best of the lot and I recommend reading them were  ‘The Blouse’ by Perumal Murugan (The plot sounded similar to something I read a long time back- but so what), Kannagi’s Anklets’ by Anita Sivakumaran, and  ‘Arun Mathur Hindu Nahi Hai’ by Chirag Tulsiani.

No, you don’t get it right every time. Few stories leave you with undernourished reading experience. However, you should appreciate these works by new authors. ‘The remains from Last year’, and  ‘The Seer’  by Shinoj Dings. ‘My boss got fired’ by Ritesh, ‘My Lyfe Misspelt’ by Ranjani Rangarajan, ‘The boys I forgot to kiss’ by Dipu, and ‘The case of Universal prisoner of war ‘ by Roopal Kewalya.

Distraction Galore At Juggernaut.

There are enough distractions at Juggernaut. Under the genre erotica, there are stories and chapters best read alone. I ended up checking out Sunny Leone franchise as an author. I read ‘Dancer’, ‘7E’ and a few others. They are not worth the charge. I was expecting a lot more.

In the same genre I read ‘An erotic massage’ by Rati Banerjee, ‘The Hot Housewives’ by Malini White, ‘The ultimate fantasy’ and ‘My Friend’s hot mom’ by Khushbu, ‘Cuffed by the cop’ by Shevlin Sebastian, ‘Swipe right for the boss’ by Sanjana Chowhan, ‘Boss is always right’, and few other excellent erotica short stories. They are fun to read one at a time.

Now with SEC 377 gone, stories in this arena will most likely get a new flavour.



So, I am hooked to Juggernaut. However, I use the app under an SOP that helps me. I read books on the First-in-first-out basis. I do not read more than one book at a time. Simple, I don’t think I can parallel-process storylines. I try keeping the number of unread books on the app under three.  Till now I have read more than 35 books on Juggernaut within a short span of time. The only issue, these are mostly non-serious reading.


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